There is a strong correlation between these persisting challenges which have resulted in poor community cohesion, mounting depression, tension and hopelessness among community members. As a result, community members have also lost confidence in their own capacity to change their situation, which leaves them more vulnerable than before. The DSD, in terms of its vision and mandate, has a responsibility to empower and build the capacity of poor and vulnerable communities to become actively involved in processes that aim to change their situation from vulnerability to resilience and sustainability. It is against this background that the STS was contracted to facilitate social transformation workshops and build capacity for sustainable community development in the targeted communities.


The DSD contracted capacity building for Community Development Practitioners across eight communities in the Eastern Cape, North West Province and Gauteng.


The capacity building comprised two sets of workshops per community, a What it Looks Like When it’s Fixed as well as a Rapid Assessment, What Do I Bring and a Systemic Strategy. Through this process practitioners were exposed to the methodology and given the opportunity to plan for strengthened community development practice, as well as equipped to use the methodology themselves.

© Fixed 2017 brings a methodology which allows entities embarking on sustainable development to solve the problems of sustainable development by embracing the complex context of their work, generating strategies which respond to that complexity and maintaining principled, systemic, learning approaches to challenges to implementation, as they arise.