In 2018 USAID published a request for proposals to implement local interventions in six sites across South Africa to strengthen local governance responses to and prevention of gender-based violence (GBV).

Fixed prepared a proposal with CCI to design, establish and facilitate Collaborative Community Networks, to enable improved collaboration and integration amongst a diverse range of local GBV practitioners. This proposal was accepted and the programme was initiated in July 2018.


The project builds on The Cycle of Flawed Integration which explores the limitations local structures face in efforts to lead GBV responses through conventional coordination bodies, which have had insignificant impacts despite being mandated by law. CCI, Fixed and GHJRU are using What it Looks Like When it’s Fixed to facilitate collaboration in Collaborative Community Networks (Masiphephe Networks) that contain mechanisms for collaboration that are visible, transparent, measurable, and accountable.

We believe that GBV is the grave consequence of complex social and structural problems in our country and the world. The Masiphephe programme encourages inclusive GBV interventions through behaviour change, building awareness and supportive multi-sectoral partnerships to shift the social norms of gender and GBV. We promote compassion and accountability, based on human rights principles.


The process is locally lead by community partners and supported by the strategic partners to:

  • Map and recruit relevant stakeholders;
  • Facilitate workshops to conduct collective visioning and status assessment, define mandates and establish mandate-driven task teams;
  • Research gaps and opportunities for strengthening activities of GBV prevention and response practitioners;
  • Conduct collective action planning and collective implementation of local strengthening interventions.

Using collectively developed tools participants set shared priorities and objectives and commit to working within a structure that provides the clarity to deliver on their professional mandates, to think imaginatively and to act collectively and effectively. These networks are co-facilitated by Fixed, CCI and GHJRU, following a co-defined timeline of activities building towards independence and sustainability.

During the five-year life of the programme we will learn adaptively from our experiences and build strategies not only for independent sustainability of each Masiphephe Network established during the life of the program, but also for scalability across the country.

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