In this project STS offered a methodology for collective introspection, a shared vision of systemic transformation through collaborative actions, agreement of value attached to thematic interventions, the alignment of strengths and capacities for the achievement of shared objectives. We facilitated participative rapid assessment to benchmark baseline status, stakeholder mapping to build collaborative teams and collective action planning aligned to vision, baseline status and resources and capacities, to achieve systemic and sustainable change.


Our clients for this project were the Lesedi and Letsatsi Solar Park Trusts, and partners we worked closely with in the two target communities for these trusts included the municipality, local NGOs, the Solar Park companies, other government departments and community members.


We conducted a series of What’s Negotiable meetings to procure the participation of a diverse group of stakeholders, and to ensure the perception of transparency by community members suspicious of the municipality. By the time we facilitated the big community workshops we had attracted strong and sustained participation. We delivered a systemic strategy based on all of the learning through two sets of site visits to each community, and made recommendations about how to put that strategy into play.

© Fixed 2017 brings a methodology which allows entities embarking on sustainable development to solve the problems of sustainable development by embracing the complex context of their work, generating strategies which respond to that complexity and maintaining principled, systemic, learning approaches to challenges to implementation, as they arise.