The Northern Cape Shared Value (NCSV) project was initiated by four mining companies operating in JTG District and Tsantsabane, Northern Cape: Assmang, Kudumane Manganese Resources (KMR), Kumba Iron Ore and South 32.

A ‘shared value’ approach acknowledges that the socio-economic health and well-being of business and communities are interwoven: no business can thrive when the communities it operates in, its employees and their families, its suppliers, and the surrounding environment are not thriving. The shared value approach prompts business to collaborate with, not to duplicate, government’s existing development agenda and framework and to engage and integrate with any stakeholders concerned with sustainable development and transformation, including civil society and community members themselves.

The first phase of the NCSV project was undertaken between November 2018 and June 2019. Fixed, Synergy and Deloitte co-facilitated dialogue with an initial group of stakeholders, including the mining companies, local government, traditional leaders, non-governmental organisations, community leaders, faith leaders, young people, partner organisations, and national and provincial government.


The objective of this process was to build relationships with key role players in the targeted municipalities, to test the appetite for collaboration amongst a range of stakeholders, to build a share vision of what it looks like when it’s fixed for Northern Cape Shared Value and to begin to define mandates and opportunities for future shared value projects.


A number of workshops were facilitated using the Fixed methodology to:

  • Agree rules of engagement to enable reliable, sustainable, productive partnership relationships;
  • Define the Cycle of Weak Development, the problems the programme seeks to solve;
  • Articulate the complex, shared vision of What it Looks Like When it’s Fixed;
  • Inclusively assess the current systemic status;
  • Provide opportunities for all participants to articulate ‘what do I bring?, what mandates, expertise, resources and capacity that will take the systems closer to what it looks like when it’s fixed;
  • Elicit insights and recommendations from partners, about how to go about building shared value projects;

© Fixed 2017 brings a methodology which allows entities embarking on sustainable development to solve the problems of sustainable development by embracing the complex context of their work, generating strategies which respond to that complexity and maintaining principled, systemic, learning approaches to challenges to implementation, as they arise.