New Partners & Opportunities

Fixed™ believes in flexibility and learning from experience. Over time accepted wisdom shifts, innovation provides new ideas, experience provides insight. Fixed™ is a collaborative entity and we believe that our networks can strengthen the work of our clients. We bring new ideas, new partners and we work with our partners to develop new interventions, which we draw our clients into. We believe in building a community of practice where we share ideas and create better solutions together. We have a wide network of corporate and developmental partners who we bring together as appropriate to share opportunities. We take an abundant approach to our work: there is plenty to go around, we can do it better if we do it together.

New partners and opportunities can be conducted by an existing or a new project or intervention, seeking partners or new ways of doing things. It delivers, as far as our experience and network allow, reports on facilitated discussions on opportunities for new approaches to interventions, as well as new relationships with possible partners and ideas for new interventions.